Why is email marketing so good?

  1. It’s effective – It’s proven time and again all over the world to be an incredibly effective way of reaching your customers
  2. It get you interested in what’s going on in your business – The emails you send out must be authentic so it gets you thinking about what interests your customers.
  3. The results are measurable – You can see who opens your emails, who clicks on them, what time they do it all. If you have an online shop you can even track how much money you made from a particular email.
  4. You can send them anytime – You can easily schedule your emails to be sent at whatever time you choose.
  5. You can send different offers to different people – Imagine you want to send a voucher to all your customers who haven’t ordered in the last 2 months. How would you do that offline? With email marketing it’s as easy as 123.
  6. You can reach everyone you want – Everyone has an email account. Not everyone are on social sites like facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.

Don’t believe us? OK so we’ve got a vested interest but look at all these other people say….




If you need help with setting up email marketing then please drop me an email at john@marumarket.co.uk or call me on 07985 525740.


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