Websites for Local Shops

MaruMarket Local Shops Owner John Cant

Websites, E-Commerce and on-line marketing for local shops

Are you a farm shop, butcher, greengrocer or local retailer?
Have you though about getting a website but unsure where to start?

We can help you.

The internet gets blamed for killing high streets. We’re helping independent businesses fight back. Use the power of the internet to help your local business make more money too.

If you want to get more customers, shopping more frequently and spending more then please get in touch.

We guarantee to achieve this. Or we’ll give you your money back.

Our Services

Mobile Websites

We specialise in setting up websites for local independent grocery shops. We have an fantastic system in place to get you online at an affordable price. We specialise in dealing with local retailers and we cater our service to your needs.

On-Line Shops

How many hours is your shop open each day?

How about selling 24hours a day? 365 days a year. Make money while you sleep. Sell online.

Our standard package is only £50 per month.


Sending regular, interesting emails to your customers is the most effective way of increasing sales. Every business should be doing it because, quite simply, it works. And it’s free.

We’ll show you how.

On-line advertising

Choose exactly who sees your adverts.  Forget the scatter gun of print advertising costing hundreds of pounds. Target who you advertise to with laser-like precision. For pennies. You’re going to be amazed.

Why use MaruMarket?

  • We only deal with local shops – You get what’s right for your business at an affordable price.

  • We’re passionate about local communities – Your business is part of your local community and we want to keep you that way.

  • We’ve been on your side of the fence – I used to run a local grocery business and understand first hand some of the issues. How many other website people can say that?

  • We guarantee to get you more customers – You’ll get a full refund if you’re not happy with our service.

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